Friday, January 13, 2017

Class Flavor Through Text

Classes in Dungeon-Town will have different mechanical flavors, as usual. A lot of games also make classes feel distinct using appearance. Because of the bare-bones art style I've chosen and some other limiting factors (like player choice of portrait), I'm almost exclusively using text and narrative for the same purpose.

That said, I'm also trying to stay away from lengthy exposition sa much as possible. Instead, I'm using some of the textual elements players will see most often, i.e., the names of powers, to gives players a sense of how their characters might fit into the game world with fewer words and broader strokes.

Magician's First-Level Spells

Arrow of Kleos
Minor Discord of Antiphemios 
Armor of Tyromachus 

Witch's First-Level Spells

Prithee Sleep, Cruel Babes 
Old Meg, She Gave Them Succor 
Ballad of the Frogs


  1. With all the wonderful and terse narrative, this will feel like a fantastic interactive book. The original goal of IB was to create the feel of a virtual table PnP feel in a turn based, single player rpg. This will definitely have that feel with all the narrative and illustrations.

  2. Awesome - love this idea. Definitely will help capture the feel of each of the Classes!