Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Current Tasks

-Fine-tuning class designs
-Putting all powers (with statistics) into a spreadsheet
-Fully implementing (i.e., with visuals and stats) tinker, magician, and witch first-level powers for testing
-Fully implementing class-specific unique weapons for testing
-Testing combat (balance and bugs) A LOT


  1. I love this "Drawn on a notebook" art style. Good luck with the testing and if you need any additional testing done, I'm on board!

  2. The art is most excellent and cohesive. Loving the direction and uniqueness to this module design. It appears to me that you are using the toolset in ways I hadn't even thought of: text for effect overlay, head images for tokens, b/w book illustration look, etc. Fabulous work so far

  3. Thanks guys! Slowdive, I've found it a really versatile, fun-to-experiment-with toolset