Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Just Humans

As I responded to a comment in an earlier post, there will only be humans in this game, mostly because if I were to incorporate dwarves, elves, etc., I'd want to make their presence a meaningful part of the narrative and world, and I'm more interested in having the story revolve around profession and faction choice.

Many players like non-humans because of the mechanical variety they add to character creation. In place of the traditional options, players in Dungeon-Town can choose an unusual circumstance of birth occupying the same mechanical niche. The births of heroes from myth and legend have influenced most of these ideas.


Some Hypothetical Natal Circumstances 

Raised by Wolves 
Found in Rushes
Stygian Bath 
The Stronger One (strangled twin in womb)
Raised by Shepherds
"Changeling" (character has zero resemblance to father)
Born with a Caul


Because the player makes four characters, this can obviously lead to some narrative absurdity -- four heroes walking around all of whom were raised by wolves, for example. But realism for its own sake isn't one of my design goals.


  1. Great idea to use birth unusual circumstances for narrative flavor. I think narrowing some of the options will allow for more deep and fulfilling narrative then having lots of options with little lore or conversation hooks. Sounding awesome so far!

  2. Thanks Slowdive! Yeah, that's what I'm hoping... When I get around to it, I'm going to ask about modifying the UI to accommodate the change on the Iceblink forums.

  3. Yeah, I like the shift from race to circumstance. I wish I was Crone-Favored!

  4. I know a Crone-Favored. Always wary of the Stronger Ones though.