Monday, January 23, 2017


I posted earlier about some of the skills in the game, all of which come from traits (feats). Here is how one of those skills -- "Tactician," available only to mercenaries, captains, and wastrels -- will work.

First, before any combat, the game checks to make sure one of the players has this trait and a high enough wisdom. If so, the players enter a tactics map.

As you can see, the map gives details about some of the enemies. It also includes a Help button.

Walking over this button triggers a Help dialog, so players who don't read my blog will know what is going on.

Finally, the player chooses one of the red squares to arrange his/her starting forces. In lots of encounters, this can give a huge advantage. The battle begins as soon as the player enters one of these squares.


  1. Ah,quite clever system there. That will make for a very desired trait indeed.

  2. Yes, I wanted something that could compete with Cleave!