Sunday, January 29, 2017

Update and Color Question

What with grading papers and trying to be a good citizen, I've had little time this weekend to put into Dungeon-Town. But that doesn't mean no time.

You may have noticed that, little by little, color has been creeping into the screenshots I've been posting. Originally I was going to go all black and white, but it just made no sense not to use some color for UI elements to better organize things visually. I'm still trying to be sparing with it, though, for the sake of consistency and game flavor. So far, I'm using crimson for player outlines and status effects, purple for enemy outlines, and a dark brownish yellow for the log. Share any thoughts you have!


  1. I like the consistency of the black and white throughout, but a little use of color for notification type stuff in combat may be necessary and useful versus trying to use border patterns for indicators.

  2. Yeah, I'm still worried about the visibility of the text for status effects. It's fine but small on PC but could end very small on smaller screens.