Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Wastrels are the game's version of bards. Non-specialists who have wasted their lives in dilettantish pursuits, they have access to first- and second-level powers from all classes, all the games' traits, and most arms and armor. Unfortunately, wastrels' SP and BAB are among the lowest in the game, so while they may have knowledge and potential, their ability to put thought into action isn't always evident in their performance on the field of battle. A wastrel with the right stats, equipment, and trait/power loadout can be deadly, though.

Photo from the title of a 1911 novel by the same name I found on Google Books (not an in-game image).


  1. The wastrel does sound very interesting and I would love to see how they preform and fit into the story as well.

  2. Thanks. They seem especially well suited to shore up a party's deficiencies