Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weapon Tweaks

Most of the d20 arms and armor standards will be in place in the game, but there are some tweaks. Mundane weapons do not have different damage types (piercing, bludgeoning, slashing do not exist in Iceblink), for instance, though magical weapons and effects usually do -- more on that later.

Instead, weapons of a similar damage range often offer balanced penalties and bonuses to PC stats to help differentiate them. Class restrictions differentiate them further. Let's take maces, spears, sickles, and rapiers, all of them 1d6-damage weapons.

Damage: 1d6
Bonuses/Penalties: None
Classes: Captain, Mercenary, Zealot, Wastrel

Damage: 1d6
Bonuses/Penalties: Range 2 (can attack across one square)
Classes: Captain, Mercenary, Wastrel

Damage: 1d6
Bonuses/Penalties: STR +1, DEX -1
Classes: Witch, Captain, Mercenary, Wastrel

Damage: 1d6
Bonuses/Penalties: STR -1, DEX +1
Classes: Magician, Captain, Mercenary, Wastrel

There's obviously a great deal of abstraction here. Rapiers don't magically increase agility while cutting strength, but they effectively cancel out some of the combatant's hitting/damage-dealing potential while increasing the wielder's ability to dodge, parry, etc. But this admittedly rough simulation is not nearly as important to me as offering players meaningful weapon choices for each character and eliminating redundancy. Weapon suitability varies quite a bit depending on class, stat arrays, and planned combat role.

I'll talk about some changes to armor (magical armor especially) tomorrow.


  1. I have been thinking about this recently (mostly after playing the elderin stone and seeing Pongo's use of resistances to certain weapons). I think I may add piercing, bludgeoning, and slashing to replace "normal" as damage types and add resistances for these. All existing weapons and resistances set to "normal" will be converted to slashing. I'll post in the forums and see what others think.

  2. I like the idea of more versatility, but I'm also fine with Iceblink's existing system too. For this project, I'd probably stick with using normal damage for all weapons instead (except magic ones) instead of subdividing it further, as I feel like the elemental damage types give me enough complexity for now.