Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Brief Scene Excerpt (Adventurers try to fill out questionnaire at Society for Autonomous Individuals)

[Selections in bold represent player's choices]

"Which of the following statements best describes your abhorrence for adventuring guilds like the Lucrios Expedition House?"

1. "The low entertainment, easy wages, and unscrupulous conduct found there thwart my progress toward freedom of thought and action."
2. "The contrived camaraderie one always sees in such places excites my misanthropic organ."
3. "While the entrepreneurial drive of someone like Eduard Lucrios is commendable, I resent putting another person's name above my own."
4. Not finding any choice they could support without important qualifications, the adventurers appealed to Rylev.

"There may not be a perfect answer; just try to settle on the best answer," he said.

1. "We are going to look for work elsewhere," said <FirstName> grumpily.
2. The party resigned themselves to finishing the questionnaire.

"Oh? All right," said Rylev, returning to his papers. As the party left, he called after them -- "If you change your minds, you know where to find me."

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