Saturday, February 18, 2017

Charisma, Part 2

Yesterday I discussed how Charisma interacts with conversation options in the game. Today I'm discussing what else Charisma affects -- treasure and experience rewards.

After winning any battle, the game will check to see if any character has a certain Charisma score or higher. This number will vary. If they do, the characters will have the option of selecting better rewards. Charismatic characters also get bigger experience bonuses from completing quests.

This may seem odd, especially given Charisma's traditional domain -- personality, leadership, etc. It's true that I've broadened the attribute to encompass what same game systems would call luck. But it makes a kind of intuitive sense to me that a magnetic personality could attract good fortune as well as people. 

If the party includes no characters with high Charisma but players want these extra rewards, there is a way for them to get them -- they have to use trait slots to purchase "Fortune's Favored" (which gets them any treasure Charisma 16 would) and/or "Itinerant of Renown" (which gets them XP rewards that Charisma 16 would).  


  1. Interesting, Luck is an idea I like, too. You will find the option to have a sparate Luck stat in the Rules Editor. Its amount is affected by the other stats of a character - the higher the other stats are, the less Luck a character has. Soem kind of counterblance for the underdogs out there.

    Tying luck to Charisma is wonderful idea, too, though. Nothing worse than characters min-maxed for physical attributes/class relevant attributes and then suffering no conseuquences for shortcomings in other areas.

  2. I saw the Luck mechanic there -- very nice to have it included, and I definitely like the idea of favoring underdogs! Certainly something I'll consider looking into incorporating